Twice as Nice  Music Academy                                                                                                       Transformative Learning Experience for Academic Excellence


We are a Fine Arts School with an Special approach to Early Childhood Music Education. Concentrated in musical studies and performance We are leaders providing Piano and music making Programs specially designed to enrich, improve and enhance the Brain`s Development on children and adults starting at the age of 3.  

We provide the best music theory, performance and music appreciation courses in the we picked . We carefully build the   tomorrow´s competent musicians in our  healthy, comfortable and motivational environment while having fun! Affiliated and leading national organization, we are the only music school in Texarkana that offer students participation programs, competitions, festivals, national recognition, achievement awards  and more.  

We build in our students the strong foundations in music reading and performance for an independent successful musician because we have a passion to share the amazing and everlasting benefits of music education from early age. 

Our Piano Teacher,  recently honored with the 2017 national Top Teacher Award by the Steinway and Sons,, is an active concert pianist who’s    excellent technique and powerful presence on stage, inspires their students and makes of every lesson the  transformative learning experience every students deserves  

                                                                       Academic Programs: 


Pre Piano: Creative  music making and music appreciation programs for children from 3 to 6 years old. Designed to increase memory and build strong self esteem.  

We deliver the transformative learning experience that builds the competent musician of tomorrow.

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